You’ve landed on the portfolio/blog website of me, Oli Lynch. I’m a freelance content writer (or copywriter sometimes, yes there is a bit of a difference) who works with a diverse client list from right here in sunny London.

You might have got here because you were searching for a great freelance writer for hire. Or maybe it’s because you found one of my random blog posts and you’re wondering who the hell this guy is.

Whatever. Welcome. Enjoy. Put your feet up and soak up the ambience.

Although this site is supposed to be like a calling card or portfolio, it’s increasingly becoming a place for me just to post random articles.  If you really want to read some more in depth stuff then take a look at sites like and, which are two sites I edit.

I also do some journalism from time to time. Here’s an image that illustrates my versatile nature as a writer…

What I Do

As I’m a freelance writer for hire, I do a few things. I don’t have a niche subject, but I do write great quality and plain English content on a whole variety of subjects.

I’ve also been levelling up my marketing skills and can now do stuff like run Hubspot campaigns, or edit your WordPress site. You know, proper secret agent stuff.

Here’s a few more things I can do if you pay me:

  • Analyse and optimise your web site for written content including SEO search terms.
  • Boost your social media and customer engagement.
  • Create high quality written content including blogs, press releases, ebooks, articles and web site content.
  • Ghostwrite your book or your white paper.
  • Help you publish and promote your ebook on Amazon Kindle (KDP Publishing).
  • Design and produce quality video for YouTube.

If you’re looking for a freelance writer for hire, or a marketing expert to help create quality written content then get in touch today. Tel: 07926 928818

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