As I prepare to go full time freelance follow my diaries about being a copywriter!

I’ve been a freelance copywriter since around 2012. I realised about this time that I had a knack for conveying essential information succinctly and in plain English.

As I had a stop gap day job at the time, I took the opportunity to develop my writing skills and develop a portfolio. Granted, at this point I’m no pulitzer prize winning journalist, but I’m good at what I do. All fine and good so far…

Since around 2014 I’ve had a standard day job. It pays the bills and it’s fairly straightforward, the usual things. But the ceiling is definitely pretty low with the career options.

So last year I set myself a goal. Be a full time freelance copywriter by the end of next year (which is now this year, 2017).

I’ve now handed in my notice and the clock is ticking as I prepare to go…. FULL TIME FREELANCE! (cue jarring chords and jump cuts to my worried face).

Preparation is Everything…

As is always the case being prepared is half of the battle. I’m waiting to see how well prepared I am, but my checklist so far looks like this.

  • Liase with friends and family who may or may not have contacts
  • Contact agencies who hire freelancers
  • Apply for a few jobs in the industry that I’m interested in
  • Write a blog and try and build followers for it on social media
  • Prepare a portfolio and make it available for download (see above)
  • Cross fingers and do some Hail Marys (I’m not even catholic but anything that works…)

So I await with bated breath to see how many of these things pay off when I go live.

For now though I feel that my groundwork has been sufficiently laid to enable me to hit the ground sort of running. My one shortfall so far is that my repeat client of choice over the past few years has not been very consistent.

Know Your Niche

One of the things that seems to keep coming up is knowing what your niche is.

I’m well travelled and I’ve written a lot about travel generally, so I’ve decided to target the travel writing market. I’ll admit it’s a saturated market, but if there’s one thing there is plenty of it’s travel blogs and magazines.

The slightly annoying thing is I do like to write on diverse subjects. I’ve written about health and fitness, music, technology and even lawn maintenance (ask me about how often you need to water fescue or bluegrass).

But when I’ve spoken to agents or looked at potential writing clients, I have tried to keep my pitch travel writer related.

That’s not to say that as I go forward I won’t start pitching myself as a health and fitness writer or what-not.

If you take a look at my blog you’ll see that I’m a bit of a language nerd, a film maker and I’m interested in social and economic issues.

Watch this space…

He Who Dares, Wins… Or At Least Has A Good Go At It…

Another thing is that I’m a firm believer in the whole adage

Its better to have tried and failed than not to have tried at all…

With that in mind, what has any one got to lose? Apart from sanity, money, hair, dignity etc etc. Hey they’re all overrated anyway.

So follow me on Twitter or Linkedin to keep up with my copywriting adventures.

Better still, get in touch to see what I can do for you…!

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