There’s a lot of info online if you’re going travelling, these online travel magazines and blogs are the best I’ve found…

Travel writing is big business. More of us are travelling than ever and there are more blogs and online travel magazines than you can shake an iPhone at. Honestly, a search online for travel magazines flags up 98 million results! That’s a lot of reading.

What I’ve learned is that not all online travel magazines are created equal. Oh no. Many of them are written as journals, some are so badly written that you wonder how they got so many twitter followers. There are also a lot of sites where the advice is written by a non-native English speaker who has literally never left his country.

I’ve been reading a lot, mostly as I’ve been writing lots of travel articles. So, here are my findings about the online travel magazines that actually offer some help and clarity when it comes to travelling…

Nomadic Matt

Honestly, this guy is on it. If you search for articles about what to do in X, the best place to whatsit in thingy or the 19 best places to do a poo – Nomadic Matt comes up.

His site is well designed, easy and fun to read and there is… Well.. Loads of info.

Fluent In 3 Months

This isn’t so much a travel resource as a language resource, but Benny Lewis is pretty much the champion of language learning (or he paints that picture anyway).

His well written information makes you want to get out there and makes you believe you too could give a seminar in Japanese by next October.


There are stacks of these styles of magazines, but AFAR might shade it on usefulness and quality of content.

Info is broken down into little subheadings, it’s all very succinct yet useful and there is plenty of info to keep you coming back for more.

See also sites like Wanderlust and Condé Nast for a similar style.

Telegraph Travel

Yeah yeah, ignore what you think of the British press. The Telegraph’s travel site is actually really, really good. So much so that if you search online for an article about a city break in a semi obscure city then it’ll probably chart on the front page.

Information is easily broken down by budget, what to do and when to go.

See also the Guardian’s travel site. Slightly wordier but also excellent.

Gone Travelling 

Oh hey what, you didn’t think I’d plug this new kid on the block did you?

A young site but building the reputation with first hand info on a number of destinations with content aimed at adventure and budget travellers.

It also just so happens to have a key writer who has the exact same name as me. Who’da thunk it?

Expert Vagabond

Another very well written blog by a guy who is out there living the dream.

Not quite as packed full of resources as Nomadic Matt but a fun and inspiring read that’ll make you wanna pack your bags.

Girl vs Globe

Another fun read about someone who is out there doing it, Girl vs Globe is packed full of first hand accounts and female friendly advice.

These are my personal recommendations based on the reading and research I’ve been doing, but feel free to comment below if there’s anything I should include above!

Ciao for now…

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