I’m not a big one for new years resolutions, I normally say something vague like, “I’m gonna do more interesting stuff”. Or “this is the year I finally get a job that isn’t shit”.

But, I’ve got one I can really get into this year. And it’s a real ‘first world problems’ humdinger.

I’m not going to travel Ryanair any more… Well. Unless they’re the only airline that serve the airport I’m trying to get to. Yeah I know. Serious eh.

Why no more Ryanair? Well, if you’ve ever flown Ryanair you know they really know how to cheapen the whole flying experience. Well, that and flying out of Luton or Stansted which is automatically a pretty horrible experience. From the announcements about scratchcards, the fanfare when the plane arrives on time, the massive jolt when the plan lands, the masses of fees when you book. The list goes on.

But last year they really took the piss and added more fees including one real sneaky one.

If you travel with one or more person they will split you up and make you pay a fee to sit together. Yup, sneaky.

“But…” say Ryanair,  “that’s always been our policy; everyone gets random allocations of seats”.

Except that in the 15 odd years I’ve been flying with Ryanair (possibly more) I’d never had to pay to choose to sit with the person I’m travelling with. I was always seated with my travelling companion. No probs. Except one trip in 2017 when I flew to Beziers in France with my missus and new born daughter. And maybe that’s what the gripe is… As we were travelling as a family it felt like a real cheap shot to make us have to pay to sit together having never had to do that before ever.

Yeah I know this is probably the most first world problems rant ever. Oh, I have to pay extra to sit with someone when I’m flying through the air in a miracle of modern engineering. I know. I’m a twat. But… When you have options you know you don’t have to put up with silly stuff like this.

Michael O’Leary has often said things along the lines of, “people are idiots and they’ll do anything for a cheap flight” and to a degree he’s right about both of those things. Ryanair flights are ridiculously cheap (I flew to Bordeaux for around £20 round trip) and if you have to pay to put a bag in the hold it isn’t ridiculously expensive (about £20 each way). Plus their flights are usually on time (as they give such a generous flight time so it makes them look better). But, if you can fly Norwegian, EasyJet, Wizz Air or any number of the decent low cost airlines that are only slightly more expensive than Ryanair, then hey… Why bother? Better service, no intrusive announcements, slightly less feeling like cattle class. And, you don’t have to pay to sit together!


So, I’m already 25 days into my new resolution and I’m doing OK. My next flight is an Easyjet one to Ljubliana in Slovenia, so I’m sticking it to Michael O’Leary so far.

Stay tuned for more thrilling updates as I try and avoid flying Ryanair for the whole of 2018.

Cue the theme music…

***UPDATE JUNE 2018***

So far I have been to Ljubljana in Slovenia, Paris, Nice and Edinburgh and totally avoided Ryanair!

Take that Michael O’Leary!!

Saying that, they do have some really good deals to Ireland (of course).


You can read more about my travels and stuff over at the travel magazine I edit: Gone Travelling Online Travel Magazine.

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