I’ve been loving Linkedin lately. It’s been my primary way to find content writing work.

Now, I’m fully aware that people say ‘its easy to use Linkedin to find work’, but then they don’t explain how.

This is the process I’ve been using to find freelance copywriting jobs. If you’re a newbie copywriter, or pretty much any industry, follow these simple tips.

Clean Up Your Profile

First things first, make your profile reflect the roles you’re going to be going for. Don’t list that bar job you had at University and leave out all that temp work you did when you got back from travelling.

Your main bio should be a punchy synopsis of what you do and your experience.

Keep it succinct. Don’t be overly verbose or go off on tangents, but do try and convey a bit of personality.

Take a look at a few people in your industry who seem to be doing well and see how they word things. You don’t need to copy anyone, but it will give you a good idea about how to put your point across.

Add Some Friends

If you’ve got a Linkedin profile already you probably have a few friends, but add a few more. Don’t use it like Facebook though and post all your holiday snaps, or make ill advised racist or political comments. You’ll need to add professional connections or people who can vouch for what you do and engage with the platform professionally.

People you used to work with, recruiters who’ve found you jobs before, people you know who work in your target industry, people who know people you know etc etc… It will all help.

And when you add people, drop them a little note in the request.

Just something simple like:

“Hey [name], I hope you’re well. I’m just adding people to my network as I’m about to start looking for more [industry] work. Hope to speak soon. [Your name]”

You know. Be nice, build bridges, let people know what you’re doing.


Straighten out your job lists and experience. As above, take out the crap and focus on relevant industries.

If you’ve only ever worked in roles that seem irrelevant, work out how they can apply to the job you want.


Get a good picture of you. This sounds kinda obvious but really, this is a professional platform…. Using a weird avatar or old grainy image of you partying is not going to do you any favours.

Find the most presentable image of you that you can find. Or, better still, get someone to take a proper image with a decent camera and professional lighting.

I’m not actually sure if this image is relevant – pic: MinaChan

Looking for Work

So this is what you’re here for. Finding work on Linkedin is a process that you should follow along with other methods. Apply for jobs on Indeed or whatever recruitment channel you use as well.

But this is how I find copywriting work on Linkedin.


In the search box, search for what you’re looking for. I search for ‘copywriting’, ‘content writer’ or ‘writer’.

In the results click on the Content tab.

This will show you everyone who has included the words you’re searching for in their posts. A lot of it will be job posters and in my case, most of them are Indian.

What I then do is spend around ten-fifteen minutes going through and scanning for appropriate jobs.

Sometimes I’ll just like a post, or I’ll look at the company/poster to see more info. If I like the look of job I’ll either comment on it and say ‘Hey, I’m a content writer and I’d love to work on this for you. Drop me a line at oli@olilynch.com’.

If I really want the job, I’ll add them as a connection and send them a message as I do.

After doing this for a bit (don’t go for too long, twenty minutes maximum), switch to the Jobs tab.

You’ll see jobs in your area for the search term you ran. Apply for a few of them using the One-Click application.

Once again, don’t do it for too long and just apply for jobs you feel you could do.

Post & Like

Very occasionally I’ll post something, normally about what I’m up to. But be strategic here, don’t bombard everyone like you would do on Instagram or whatever.

My updates are normally something along the lines of:

“Currently working on a X project for a great X client. Been a great experience and I’m now looking for new work in X to start in 2 weeks….”

The point in this post is to show that you’re an active professional. And if anyone browses your posts in a year or so they’ll see how much you work and how enthusiastic you are for more.

It also keeps you in the mind of your connections for the job you’re doing. So next time someone in their network says, ‘I’m looking for a copywriter‘ or whatever, they’ll tag you in on the comments.

I also like posts that are either interesting or from people I’ve worked with, or want to work with. Once again, it puts you in the mind of those people for when they might need you in future.

And that is how I find work on Linkedin as a freelancer.

Got any tips of your own? Pop them in the comments below…

Want to hire a copywriter? Get in touch! – or check out my Linkedin.


Prince Fraser · 20th February 2019 at 12:10 pm

Thanks oli really helpful

    Olilynch · 26th February 2019 at 9:12 pm

    You’re welcome mate… It’s due an update actually.

BestLynn · 8th August 2019 at 3:05 am

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    Olilynch · 7th September 2019 at 10:20 pm

    thank you spambot, I’ll bear that in mind…

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