Marketing is a tricky game, and one that needs a strategy for success. Having said that, there are some marketing quick wins that you can do today…

If you’re a business owner or marketing officer, sometimes you just need some marketing results, NOW GOD DAMMIT! (with Hollywood style intense shouting).

Your long game is six months off gestating and you haven’t got that much left in the PPC tank. So what can you do?

Having worked in a few companies where there is always lots of marketing activity going on, it’s been interesting to see what has an effect. All of these companies have a long game, usually revolving around getting those MQLs from lead magnets and sales professionals.

Meanwhile in the marketing department, you’re wondering how you can boost your leads and make yourself look even more awesome. Yes, spangly pants and a cape might help. But, try these clever marketing hacks on for size too.

1. SEO the CRAP out of existing content

You’ve got a stack of old blogs that sort of tick along and, you know, get 4 reads a month. But, when you look at them, you can see there is some potential in there. Maybe you wrote it when you were hungover two years ago, maybe they were done by the last marketing guy – and he clearly didn’t have a clue.

Take a quick look at what you’ve already got and see how you can add some delicious SEO sauce to that… I don’t need to tell you how to do keyword research do I? Oh OK, hang on…

  • Ubersuggest is a great free tool, packed full of essential SEO tools. It also includes content suggestions and can even identify areas for improvement on your exisiting content.
  • Keywords Everywhere is my fave keyword research tool. It recently became a paid tool, but it’s a bargain. $10 and you get a ton of searches. Get it. Thank me later.
  • Google Trends and Keywords Planner are also very good and super useful SEO tools. If you don’t already, get to know.

If you use WordPress, make sure you’ve got the Yoast plugin which is very useful for checking the SEO of your pages. And, follow those instructions to the letter.

However – and this is important to bear in mind. AVOID KEYWORD STUFFING. Don’t just pop in your search term because you need 7 search terms in a doc. Make sure it scans as part of the article and reads naturally. Y’know. For humans.

This is most definitely my marketing quick win numero uno.

2. Spread your popular content

If you have content that already converts well, perhaps via paid advertising, or from organic traffic, share it more. Why? Well, it’s obviously good and people are interested. Make it available to even more people.


You probably already share your blogs on your social sites. Don’t you? And if you don’t then this is gonna be crucial.

If nothing else, get your content on:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook

That is the bare minimum. But, to really maximise your content exposure (and build some valuable backlinks too), get your post shared on sites like:

  • Reddit
  • Linkedin
  • Pinterest
  • Digg
  • Medium
  • Instagram

Linkedin has a whole network of groups you can join, and there is a whole strategy to sharing your stuff effectively on there. But if you’re selling B2B then it’s an essential.

Reddit is an interesting one as it isn’t necessarily a B2B platform, but there are some B2B subreddits. Do a search for your industry and see what you can find and share your stuff on there.

I’ll be honest here. I under-use Pinterest, perhaps because to do it justice does take a lot of time. I tend to just share my high value stuff on there once its proven to work elsewhere. But, as marketing quick wins go, I can vouch for it… Try it for yourself!

even a strategy needs some marketing quick wins

3. Keep an eye on global developments

There are times when you can piggyback on world events to boost your content exposure and watch a flow of MQLs come in. How?

First up, keep an eye on the trending terms in places like Twitter and Google Trends.

When something happens, try and either link to an existing page, blog or product you have a tie it back to you. Of course, it pays to be creative in these circumstances and avoid too much controversy.

Using this as a marketing quick win could look like linking to your blog about being prepared before travelling in the event of an airline going bankrupt.

Or, Kylie Jenner has done something outrageous while wearing a nice pair of shoes. Hey, your online clothing store sells shoes just like them! Boom.

Pop a nice image of her wearing said shoes, juxtaposed with your shoes – plus link of course.

Look at you go, you marketing hero, you!

4. Make a list of quick win content you can create

It’s great to have super in-depth ebooks and blogs designed to show you as a thought leader. Actually, it’s essential. But… Not every piece of content needs to be a Lord of the Rings style epic.

Sit down with your team and come up with as many ideas as you can for your blogs, ebooks and social media. Every idea is valid, even the ones that seem a bit silly. In fact, definitely the silly ones.

What you’re looking for is some content you can create in half an hour or so. An hour at a push. This isn’t all going to go on your own site, but it can be used on channels such as:

  • Medium
  • Linkedin
  • External blogs/sites (for backlinks)
  • Pitches to publications

With a handful of simple ideas, you can then spread those nice simple articles around like SEO seeds. It might not seem like a marketing quick win, but, as you can create this sort of content relatively quickly, you can create a lot of it and distribute it around.

Marketing quick wins so easy you can take the day off
Well.. That was easy. Take the rest of the day off…

Need help either writing content, coming up with ideas, or reaching out to publications? Well, that’s what I do, so reach out if you need marketing support.

5. Use your existing email list

You have a list of clients, right? Of course you do. And you probably already create a regular email, perhaps a newsletter or bulletin of some sort.

People get pissed off with spam pretty quickly, but, a personal “hello, how ya doing?” actually works wonders. Here is what I suggest for a really effective marketing quick win…

Create a list of customers who haven’t engaged recently (perhaps in two or three months, or more).

Do an A/B test. Create two email bulletins using a different approach designed to pique their interest. This could be sharing something you’ve done lately that they might have missed, asking them a question (not related to getting them to buy anything) or sharing a fact or some info.

What you are trying to do is a combination of re-marketing and stimulating activity.

The result could be that people engage with a questionnaire, watch a video, read a blog or interact with your social media. Work out what it is you want them to do and start a conversation…

6. Leverage your relationships

Most companies these days have an agreement with either an industry publisher, local trade federation or other business. Many of these will likely have a better social following or email list than you do.

So how can you leverage your relationship with these for a marketing quick win?

Here are just a few ideas:

  • Partner with a rival to do something for the community (charity always looks good!)
  • Offer an enticement to users of a local service – perhaps 15% off for people who use a local gym chain
  • Release your own research findings in the local (or national) press

All of these are little ways to make your brand more visible. Admittedly, these are mostly B2C focused, but you can leverage professional partnerships in myriad ways to increase your exposure. Put that thinking cap on!

Is anyone even gonna understand what this GIF is??

Marketing is a many headed beast, and many of these suggestions, although they are marketing hacks, they do take time and effort. Need some content support? Feel free to get in touch to discuss your requirements.

If you’ve enjoyed this article, or found it useful, I would massively appreciate if you shared it on your social profile. And, of course, if you have any of your own suggestions or questions, drop them in the comments below.


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