Welcome to the home page of Oli Lynch: London based freelance writer & content dude*.

Thats me!

I’m a freelance writer for hire based in London but writing for a huge range of global clients (have a look at my portfolio – actually thats kinda out of date now).

I’ve been crafting top notch copy for over 5 years and really need to make a testimonials page so I can put all the great quotes in. You can take a nose at my Linkedin page which has some glowing praise.

Over the past few years I’ve written all sorts, including:

  • eBooks for private clients and self publishing.
  • Web content for various businesses including lawn maintenance, building firms and IT startups.
  • Articles for magazines and print publishing.
  • Blog articles for a wide range of clients.

Besides writing I also make video and take lots of photos.

You can view my photos on my Flickr account [Here you go]

My showreel is kinda bare at the moment so, link to follow.

[* yes that is my official title]


Download my current PDF portfolio from Google Drive.

Or, view my portfolio pages on this site.

I write for several websites on an ongoing basis. Have a look at:

…and several others (have a look at my portfolio).

Grab my eBooks on Amazon.

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Follow me on Twitter (@OliLynchWrites) or on Linkedin (Oliver Orme-Lynch).

Oli Lynch: Background

Oli Lynch (Oliver Orme-Lynch) studied film production at Plymouth Art College and has since had more jobs than Peter Griffin from Family Guy including being an international DJ.

Since retiring from DJing (or at least giving it a rest) he has focused on creative and content based writing and is aiming to produce any one of the many films he’s written.

As a final surge to boost the SEO rankings of this website I’m simply going to say:

Hire a quality copywriter or web content writer in London? Creative content for hire. Professional writing services for business. Freelance writer for hire in London.

I think that covers it.

Get in touch on my contact page anyway.

Ciao xxx