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Welcome to the home page of Oli Lynch: London based copywriter, screenwriter, ebook publisher, film maker and general creative dude for hire.

I am available for any written content for your blog, website, press releases or screenplays then get in contact for my competitive rates.

My speciality is travel and language, with an emphasis on budget travel and cultural integration/understanding. I am a casual economist too which means I like to write about society and cultural

I’m a bit of a language nerd, in English and ‘foreign’. I speak half decent French and Spanish and cobbled together Italian and I’ll give it a go in pretty much any other language.

I take A LOT of photos.  Also TRYING very hard to make several short films and get my TV series made.

Besides that I am almost permanently looking at my next holiday and coming up with random business ideas. Recently discovered snowboarding and slightly obsessed with it now…


View my full portfolio here.

I write for various websites including GoneTravelling.co.uk and Graybit.com as well as health and fitness site ResultswithLucy amongst many others. I also developed the marketing strategy for BuyCarvings.com.

Currently I’m looking to write on some more diverse subjects (although I do love to write about travel). If you’re looking for a single article or a creative copywriter to work on your marketing strategy then drop me a line.

Follow me on Twitter (@OliLynchWrites) or on Linkedin (Oliver Orme-Lynch).


I am working towards a diploma with the College of Media and Publishing which I’m enjoying greatly. This is preparing me for writing press releases, news pieces, general blogs and attention grabbing headlines. It’s also greatly improved my copywriting in general. Looking for a copywriter in London? Put me to the test.

What I can do

My experience so far has included:

  • Writing blogs and landing pages for various companies.
  • Writing Screenplays.
  • Assistant director and director of short films.
  • Content for newsletters and press releases.

I am passionate about:

  • Budget travel and getting off the beaten track.
  • Snowboarding (currently not very good but hoping that will change).
  • Language learning.
  • Film making and watching.
  • Food trends including vegetarian food and fusion cuisine.
  • Beer and whisky.

So if you want an expert on any of those subjects then definitely give me a shout!

Oli Lynch: Background

Oli Lynch studied film production at Plymouth Art College and has since worked for various customer service companies and been an international DJ. Since retiring from DJing (or at least giving it a rest) he has focused on creative writing and is aiming to produce one of the many films he’s written.

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