One of the biggest and most important aspects of writing for the web tends to be creating marketing content for pretty much all sorts of business. This can be email courses, Linkedin messages or Facebook/social media posts or ebook and pdf downloads.

Writing marketing content requires an understanding of the business goals, a knowledge of the language used and the ability to write copy that convert people from interested party to purchaser. The ‘upsell’ is an important part of creating marketing content, using words to inform, entice and finally convince.

A lead magnet is something that is offered, often as a free download, to collect people’s contact details. Usually their email.

Marketing content can also include content such as press releases which are designed to promote an event or service as a news item. Writing a press release needs to be done as if it is a news article and then sent to the correct targeted recipients to be sure it will promote the brand/business properly. Email course and free downloads as part of a clickfunnels marketer site.

Australian Marketer: A business guru who needed a free download to encourage more people to sign up for her service. I wrote a 20,000 word ebook for her as well as marketing emails and Linkedin posts.

Press Releases: Wrote and distributed press releases for a variety of businesses including Zephyr (street food), SW Sup (watersports), Sentient Creative (creative marketing).

If you are looking for a professional to design and write a lead magnet, or create a winning email campaign or press release, drop me a line.



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