Adapable? Yeah you could say that. The joy of writing about niche subjects is you always learn something new on a subject you never even thought was a thing… Actually, its one of the main reasons why I love content writing.

I never thought I’d be an expert on mould removal, fireplace design, houseboats or shoes but hey, that’s how it goes.

Here’s a list of some of the most random subjects I’ve written on recently – or to use the professional term: the niche and specialist subjects I’ve written about.

Wool Shoes: A new client,, hired me to write ongoing web content, landing pages and blogs about their range of wool shoes.

Careers/Recruitment: My day job is working for a recruitment consultant where I manage their social media, email marketing and web content. Details to follow…

Mould: I wrote several blog articles and Amazon listings for a guy who is an expert in mould removal.

Houseboats: I wrote 3 newsletters for the website All About Houseboats! Subjects such as ‘How far offshore can you go in a houseboat’. Short answer, not very.

Nursing Jobs: I wrote a series of articles for an Australian nursing recruiter. Here’s some of the articles at

Technology: I write blog articles for a company who offer an address book management app, ( Much of the content is ‘How To…’ guides about using modern apps and technology.

Linguistics: Actually this is a field I’m quite nerdy about and writing about language and linguistics is something I like to do.

If you need a specialist copywriter who can create content on pretty much any subject then get in touch. I’m not interested in crypto (boring and a scam) or finance (also boring) so I’ll pass on that. But if you need a blog article for a radiator website or some web content for a sex toy startup, holla innit.



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