One of my passions (hey isn’t it everyones?) is travel and travel writing. I’ve been around and seen a few things and like to write content to inform and entertain. And so, travel writing makes perfect sense doesn’t it?

My travel writing career started a few years back when I wrote pretty cheap articles for a variety of small travel magazines. As this has progressed I now run my own travel magazine as well as create travel based content for several different clients.

You can read my travel writing here: : A travel magazine that I edit and write lots of the content for.

WOW Air Inflight Magazine: Icelandic airline that link the USA and Europe (via Iceland of course). I wrote a variety of articles about London and the UK.

Fall Line Magazine: A specialist magazine for skiers. I contributed a couple of destinations guides to resorts. : This is the original travel magazine I used to write for way back when… Still going. Lots of my articles are still on there (buried quite deep these days). : A magazine project that I started but that has gone a bit dormant. Watch this space. : Website for finding private guides. I wrote a stack of guides for their blog… : Well read travel website where I contributed a few articles. I wasn’t the best writer at the time unfortunatley… Much better now!

Looking for a quality travel writer for your blog or business? If you’re a travel agent, travel blogger or you run a travel magazine and you want a guide or article written, gimme a shout yeah?



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