My third (actually fourth, but that’s another story) ebook is now ready for purchase on Amazon.

As the tale goes (according to my dad anyway) I am the product of a fairly intense road trip from Morocco to Amsterdam, so perhaps travel was always in my blood.

In fact some of my earliest memories are of travel – some of which are countries I know I’ve been to but I’m not entirely sure where the memory fits.

There’s pictures of me looking bemused in the Sahara desert. Me and my sister in weird outfits in the Indian Himalayas. Assorted shots of us in romper suits in the Scottish Highlands. More shots of us winding up a Sadhu (Holy man) on the beach in Goa…

Anyways, what this is all leading up to is me saying I’ve been travelling since I was born.

As I’ve grown up I’ve often found myself travelling to places, sometimes on a whim. Often with barely any money. Sure, these days I tend to go for decent hotels, taxi around when I feel like it, have a nice meal – but it wasn’t always like this.

Flashbacks to sleeping in a field in Brittany (France) or on a bench in a train station. Or to realising half way through an impromptu trip to California with my best mate of the time that I didn’t have as much money as I thought and that getting home was going to be the very definition of frugal (which ended with me freewheeling along the motorway home as I didn’t have enough money for petrol!).

I realised the other day, wow, I have been from the super broke traveller end all the way through to pretty damn comfortable.

Why not write a book?

And that is exactly what I’ve done. It’s actually a guide to how to get around the world on barely any money (or making your funds go further), based extensively on my own personal experiences with a sprinkling of anecdotes from friends and acquaintances.

It doesn’t tell you about the time me and my mate Jack trawled around Northern France getting drunk and sleeping in fields. Or when my girlfriend of the time flew us to Kenya and I blew all my money on silly trinkets and weed while she bought the safari trip for us. And the trip to Thailand where I ended up selling random stuff from markets on eBay doesn’t make it in there either…

No. That’s for another time.

But…. If you want to pick up the tips I’ve learnt to make your money go further or even how to do it with no money. Well, I can assure you there is some invaluable information in there.

Download it now on Amazon!

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