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Business owners and marketers don’t have time to look for a good quality copywriter. If you just need a damn good freelance writer for hire like, yesterday,  you don’t want to spend ages sorting through CVs or posting a job on Upwork or something.

If you’ve found yourself reading this, here’s my sales pitch:

I’m a freelance copywriter (content writer) for hire, writing for a wide range of global clients and industries. If you need expertly crafted words for your website, blog posts, print articles, ebooks or lead magnets, video script, speech, Christmas cracker jokes or new religious text then get in touch… I am joking about the religious text by the way.

With about 6 ish years experience (maybe more, depending on how you measure it), I’ve gone from being a copywriter to a more hands on marketer. One of the things with my craft is that you’re always learning more skills. So over the years I’ve become an expert in things like SEO, PR and marketing strategy as part of my work.

You can take a nose at my Linkedin page which has some glowing praise and details of clients I’ve worked with.

Freelance copywriting services include:

  • Blogs and news articles
  • eBooks or ghostwritten fiction and non-fiction
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO) of new or existing content
  • Social media strategy
  • Video scripts and screenplays
  • Website content, research and search optimisation
  • Marketing strategy for your startup or website

I also work with a team over at SentientCreate.com, which includes some talented folks to expertly manage your brand marketing. This full service includes video design and production, pay per click campaign optimisation, graphic design and much more.

Besides writing I also make video and take lots of photos.

You can view my photos on my Flickr account [Here you go]


Watch this space for updated portfolio for 2020.

I write for several websites on an ongoing basis. Have a look at:

…and several others (have a look at my portfolio).

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Follow me on Twitter (@OliLynchWrites) or on Linkedin (Oliver Orme-Lynch).

Oli Lynch: Background

Oli Lynch (Oliver Orme-Lynch) studied film production at Plymouth Art College and has since had more jobs than Peter Griffin from Family Guy including being an international DJ.

Since retiring from DJing (or at least giving it a rest) he has focused on creative and content based writing and is aiming to produce any one of the many films he’s written.

As a final surge to boost the SEO rankings of this website I’m simply going to say:

Hire a quality freelance copywriter or marketing content writer in London? Professional writing services for business. Freelance content writer for hire for remote work.

I think that covers it.

Get in touch on my contact page anyway.

Ciao xxx