As an experienced ghostwriter (and self published author) I have written books on a variety of subjects. From travel to linguistics, and from ‘The Power of Play’ to business optimisation. Of course, writing a book involves several disciplines including good researching skills and the ability to write captivating copy.

These are some of the books that I’ve written. Ghostwritten titles are just a synopsis to keep the author anonymous (as it’s been ghostwritten and all).

Power of Play: This book was written for an American motivational speaker. The content explores how play is an important element of our lives, not just as children but more so as we grow up. Approx 7,000 words.

Being the Business: Written for an Australian motivation speaker and business guru, this book examines how to change your mindset to succeed at business. Total content 20,000 words.

Shoestring Traveller: Self published (under my own name) all about how to travel the world on a budget…

View my self published book selection here.

If you want to hire a ghostwriter to write your ebook, fiction or non fiction, then get in touch.


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