You wouldn’t think it to look at me but I’m quite into healthy lifestyles and healthy eating. Most of the time. In fact, I’ve got a book coming out on the subject under the ‘Sensible Guides’ heading.

My health and lifestyle writing goes back to when I was hired to write a series of articles for a celebrity fitness blog. Since then I’ve written one off blog articles and ebooks on the subject.

Subjects that come under the health and lifestyle writing heading are things like sensible eating, keeping fit for people who don’t do keeping fit and information and advice about avoiding processed food etc. In the early days I did write stuff about supplements etc but I probably wouldn’t do that now!

Some examples of sites I’ve written for under the healthy lifestyle heading. Site of TOWIE star Lucky Mecklenberg. I wrote a hefty chunk of early days content for the site before they changed it up a bit. Written by a psychiatrist who specialises in lifestyle, this course is all about the mindset about staying fit, not necessarily the actual diet aspect of it.

Coming soon… I also have a book which I’m about to publish on the subject of healthy lifestyles.

Need a lifestyle content writer who has passion and knowledge for the subject? I love to write about stuff like this so ping me an email yah…


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