My first passion when it comes to writing is actually the art of writing a screenplay. I started as a screenwriter when I was a kid, writing rip offs of my favourite films (for Robocop, I did a local version called… Wait for it…. Cyborg Cop).

Over the years I’ve written stage plays, short films, TV scripts, web series, feature film screenplays and countless outlines.

Whats been finished? Mostly shorts. I had a run on trying to get a TV series made a few years back but ran out of steam, and now the project is on hold. Shame as it’s a really good one. Feature wise, I have about three completed feature screenplays that need a re-jig and another five or six that I want to write when I get the time (which is in very short supply these days).

If you’re looking to hire a screenwriter to write your screenplay I would love to work on any film project. As this is something I actually care about (yes, sorry marketing content is actually pretty tedious) then get in touch.

Completed projects:

  • A Spade Called Art – Theatre production circa 1998
  • LOVR – Short film. Awaiting edit.
  • The Perfect Date – Short film.
  • Release – Short film (student).

Awaiting production:

  • Pilgrims – Plymouth set noir TV series.
  • The Van – NZ based horror comedy adventure road movie.
  • The Blessed – Horror.
  • The X – Comedy thriller in the style of In Bruges, but set in London.

If you’re looking to hire a screenwriter then get in touch!


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